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Internet of Things, Smart City, Smart Metering are the most popular keywords of the IT Industry these days. Make(s)ense develops and manufactures end-to-end sensor solutions which make your life more convenient.
Our parking sensor solution provides up-to date availability of parking places around the city. A great tool, to minimize the time needed to find free parking place. Not just smart, but environment friendly.


Maintenance-free in-ground & on-ground sensor

Communication methods


Mechanical properties

  Diameter: 104 mm
  Height: 94 mm
  Weight: 350 g
Ground fixation: Glued
  Resistant to harsh weather conditions
Operating range: -40C to +85C
Resistant to water, salt and snow
Protection grade: IP 68

Power properties

Battery life up to 5 years

Why IQRF ?

RF bands: free ISM 868 MHz, 916 MHz and 433 MHz (world-wide)
Ad-hoc (no infrastructure needed), no license and carrier fees

Reliable mesh networking

Patented Directed Flooding protocol ensures a robust and reliable wireless communication even in harsh RF environments.

Ultra low power

Low power consumption of the DCTRs and flexible network structure enables the use of battery operated devices for many years.
  Standard RX: 12.3 mA
  Low power RX: 170 µA
  Extra low power mode: 25 µA
  Sleep: 2 µA

Why NB-IoT ?

No additional network HW elements needed but sensors

Lower operational and maintenance costs

Network provided by Telco Companies – system availability is very high

Use Cases

Smart parking

  App based navigation
  Lower carbon footprint
  Better parking control


  Retrofit cableless installation
  Indoor navigation available
  Easy integration to on-street solutions